Our Houses

  1. 888 Oakdale Road N.E., Atlanta, Georgia, my home for the first twenty-two years of my life
  2. Congregational Church in Needham, Massachusetts where we were married in 1957
  3. 3rd floor apartment at 15 Ellery Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts where we lived while I finished up at M.I.T.
  4. 1071 S. Cassingham Road, Columbus, Ohio, our first Ohio home in 1958 when I started work at North American Aviation as a research engineer in Dynamics & Aeroelasticity
  5. 1430 Aven Drive, Columbus, Ohio, our second and last home in Columbus
  6. Montgomery Township house, Cherry Valley Road, Princeton, New Jersey was where we lived for two years while I attended Princeton University for graduate studies. It is no longer there. This is where I, never before allergic to anything, was stung by dozens of yellowjackets and became highly allergic to bee sting thereafter.
  7. Remington Road in Atlanta, Georgia was our first home after I left Princeton and went to work at the Lockheed-Georgia Company's research laboratory
  8. We moved a year later to 322 (later renumbered 4800) Log Cabin Drive, directly across the street from the Log Cabin Sunday School, just a few doors from the house where Jimmy Carmichael grew up in Smyrna, Georgia, to be closer to Dobbins Air Force Base—a wonderful home, 2-1/2 flat acres, gardens, fruit trees, dogs, birds, pony for the wee ones—a virtual paradise. It went commercial and was demolished and replaced with a clster of posh houses. Here is a map of the location
  9. We left Atlanta in January 1987 after buying our present home in the community of Eastman at 11 Spring Valley Drive, Grantham, New Hampshire...3 kids all grown up and on their own...last one married May 1997 just four months before my mother died.

Houses are history!