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September 29, 2000 • Newark Post • Page 3

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Parents, teachers, & astro­naut star in Downes video

A video starring teachers and parents from Downes Elementary School and a NASA astronaut, aims to help students become more organized and accountable for doing homework.

A novel element was inclusion of a clip from NASA Astronaut Pam Melroy, provided by the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Melroy will be pilot on a Space Shuttle flight scheduled for launch in October to the International Space Station. Following her flight, Melroy is expected to speak at a number of locations, including Downes Elementary, in the Newark area.

"At one point in the video she says to the kids 'I'm too old to go to Mars," said Stachnik. "But, someone between the ages of 5 and 25 will be the first person on Mars and l hope it's one of you.' It's hard to overstate the effect a comment like that has on a bunch of wide-eyed children."