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It seems there may be certain cause
To claim that it should rhyme with pause

Nor could you term it total loss
To say that it should rhyme with boss

You'ld cause no tumult, "ooh's" or "ah's"
By rhyming it with "Land of Oz"

Nor violate too many laws
In saying it should sound like saws.

In Boston with their aht and clahss
They surely made it rhyme with oss

A few might make it rhyme with was
Though I don't think it really does

And it has likely come to pass
That some have made it rhyme with gas

But surely men would turn and gaze
If you should ever sound it haze

And poets with no properness
Might force a rhyme with omnibus

But none the less, despite this mess
Created by poets, and other all-know-its

There's nothing that's so likely as
John will go on as he always Haas

George Wilber "Bill" McClary
MIT Alumnus, deceased circa 1997
Dept Aeronautical Eng'g Course 16 SB 1951

Co-worker at North American Aviation, Columbus, Ohio
Dynamics & Aeroelasticity R&D, circa 1959