Again, we have the pleasant opportunity to give recogni­tion to the many people who have contributed their efforts to make the Journal of Aircraft a useful and timely repository of engineering knowledge: to the workers on the frontiers of our technology who have taken time to record their results, thus becoming our authors; to Ruth Bryans, AIAA's Direc­tor of Scientific Publications, who provides imaginative guidance and inspiration in the development of our Journals; to Anne Huth, who applies her natural grace with firmness and efficiency to the difficult job of Managing Editor; to Anne's staff who deal with the day to day problems presented by editors and authors with tolerance and dedication. To all of these we extend sincere gratitude.
  We would like on this occasion to express special tribute to the associate editors who, since the inception of the Journal of Aircraft in 1964, have borne the major responsibility of
assuring its quality through review and judgment of papers submitted for publication. Our deep thanks go to Harold Hoekstra, Herbert Goda, and William Greathouse for their tireless and devoted efforts.
  This is also our opportunity again to acknowledge grate­fully the work of those members of the engineering and scientific community who have given their time and talents in reviewing papers during the past year. This is a most important function, in the process of appraisal, selection, and revision, which establishes technical and literary standards for the Journal. To this group, listed below, we offer the appreciation of the editors and the membership of AIAA.

Carl F. Schmidt

Reviewers for Journal of Aircraft, October 1, 1968-September 30, 1969*
Robert Adams
Ralph C. A'Harrah
Dan Alexander
William T. Alexander
Frederick C. Alien
Warren Anderson
Philip P. Antonatos
Irving L. Ashkenas
Donald D. Baals
Herbert Q. Bair
E. F. Baird
Albert R. Baker
Lane Bamett
Douglas L. Bashioum
H. A. Baumann
Herbert Becker
Paul Bickle
David Bierman
James R. Blackaby
Charles Blake
Samuel R. Bland
David R. Blundell
G. E. Bockrath
J. L. Bogdanoff
J. R. H. Bollard
James S. Bowman
Delmar W. Breuer
Walter Breuhaus
R. B. Brown
Robert P. Brush
Gifford V. Bull
James L. Byers
S. Charles Caliendi
Renso L. Caporali
John W. Carlson
E. A. Carroll
Edward S. Carter Jr.
Tuncer Cebeci
Charles R. Chalk
David P. Chandler
Harvey R. Chaplin Jr.
G. E. Chapman
Jospeh M. Childs
Frank A. Cleveland
Sherman A. Clevenson
T. L. Coleman
Robert C. Collins
R. L. Collins
Jean Connor
D. E. Cooper
J. J. Cornish III
James E. Coyne
Sam J. Craig
Robert F. Crawford
Ralph L. Creel
H. H. Crotsley
James Ervin Crouse
Benjamin E. Cummings
Theron W. Davidson
Robert S. Decker
Dwain A. Deets
Joe B. Dendy
Gerald L. Desmond
Philip Donely
R. W. Doran
Douglas E. Drake
John Drake
Cornelius Driver
John Dugundji
Theodor A. Dukes
Wilfred H. Dukes
Orville Dunn
Charles H. Eldred
Herman H. Ellerbrock
Saul Ferdman
Antonio Ferri
Jerome E. Fischler
H. C. Fish
A. M. Freudenthal
Jack Fultz
Y. C. Fung
Thomas G. Gainer
Richard H. Gallagher
G. L. Gentry
Walter Gerstenberger
Harry Giles
William G. Gisel
Frank J. Glick
John E. Goldberg
George S. Graff
Dunstan Graham
Louis B. Gratzer
George Grogan
Eugene L. Haak
John Haas
J. E. Hackett
G. T. Hahn
Norman D. Ham
Charles W. Harper
Melvin J. Hartman
Lowell E. Hasel
Wallace D. Hayes
Richard R. Heldenfels
Robert Helliesen
R. Richard Heppe
M. Herman
William Hibbs
Harry C. Higgins
Thomas Higgins
Thomas B. Hoekstra
Harvey J. Hoge
Isaac Herbert Hoover
Thomas G. Horeff
Gary R. Hough
Lee Howard
Wayne Howell
Harvey Hubbard
William J. Husic
Jacques Istel
Leon S. Jablecki
Robert I. Jaffee
Harry T. Jensen
D. W. Johnson
Paul Johnstone
R. W. Judy
E. J. Kane
H. Katz
Bartram Kelley
William B. Kemp Jr.
Jervis Kester
David Kidd
Jerome Klosner
John S. Knaur
Franklin W. Kolk
Eldon E. Kordes
William Koven
W. H. Krase
Robert L. Krick
Gerhard Kriechbaum
Edward E. Kuenzi
Richard E. Kuhn
Leslie M. Lackman
W. Lansing
Thomas W. Layton
Jerome Lederer
N. A. Lieurance
Ralph B. Lightfoot
George B. Litchford
Robert G. Loewy
L. K. Loftin Jr.
Warner S. Lowe
G. R. Ludwig
H. J. Lueders
Robert R. Lynn
C. M. Mabry
Joseph Richard
William M. Magruder
J. A. Mangiapane
Richard Margaran
Eldon E. Mathauser
Joe F. Mayes
Bernard Mazelsky
Charles Mercer
S. R. Metres
William A. Middelton
Chester W. Miller
Rene H. Miller
William B. Miller
George Mitchell
John R. Mitchell
Raymond C.
Webb W. Moore
H. G. Morgan
William W. Moss
T. Peter Neal
Fred R. Nebiker
Francis W. Niedenfuhr
W. B. Nixon
Theordore J. Norbut
Thomas Oakes
John B. Parkinson
William B. Peck
Robert J. Pegg
R. P. Peloubet
Maynard L. Pennell
Clarence H. Perisho
Kendall Perkins
Nicholas Perrone
Carrol E. Peters
H. C. Peterson
Allen M. Pfeffer
William H. Phillips
John R. Pichtelberger
W. G. Pierpont
E. W. Pike
Samuel Pines
John M. Povolny
John O. Powers
K. G. Pratt
Hervey C. Quigley
Stanely R. Radom
John Reeder
James Reuter
Jack Richens
Roger Ringham
John D. Robb
K. D. Roberson
F. M. Rogallo
George Rosen
Jack Ross
Robert W. Rummel
Harry L. Runyan Jr.
Edmund G. Rynaski
Paul L. Sandoz
Turgut Sarpkaya
G. V. Schott
Edward Seckel
A. Richard Seebass III
Don Segnor
Allan W. Shaw
John Sheldrick
R. S. Shevell
Paul P. Shipley
William T. Shuler
Robert W. Simpson
W. C. Sleeman Jr.
Robert F. Smiley
A. M. O. Smith
C. Thomas Snyder
Norm E. Sorensen
R. D. Speas
Herbert C. Spicer Jr.
R. F. Stapells
C. B. Stebbins
Manuel Stein
Roy Steiner
Melvin Stone
Charles Strang
Warren Stratton
Paul R. Strohm
Robert Studwell
Thomas Sullivan
James F. Sutton
J. E. Sweers
Harold Switzky
J. A. Tanner
Watson H. Tanner
P. W. Theriavlt
F. C. Thompson
R. L. Thoren
Thomas A. Toll
Royce A. Toni
Ralph Trueblood
James W. Turnbow
Barry I. Tyson
Martin A. Uman
Joseph Van Dyke
M. F. Vanik
W. C. Volz
H. M. Voss
Miller Wachs
R. J. Wasicko
Joseph F. Wasserbauer
Richard J. Weber
Frank White
Gerald B. White
J. F. Wilby
John Wiley
Ross G. Willoh Jr.
Willis G. Wing
Carlos C. Wood
Reginald Wood
E. Carson Yates
John Zalovcik

  * Because it is difficult to include the reviewers for October, November, and December 1969 in this issue of the Journal, they will be listed with the reviewers for 1970, in the January 1971 issue.