Step 1: Put 1/3 inch condensed milk in bottom of coffee cup. If you store the milk in the refrigerator, it will get very thick but still work fine, and your coffee will not be as hot.
Add milk
Step 2: Open the device and unscrew to remove the filter's top screen. (Some filters have no screw.)
Step 3: Place three rounded teaspoons of coffee with chicory OR three and a half rounded teaspoons of coffee into the device. Replace the screen and turn it until it starts to get snug. This takes a bit of practice but note, it should not be "tight" but snug.

If your model has no screw then just press then top screen into place. It should work fine with the French press grind or expresso fine-ground coffee. Then proceed with Step 6.
Add Coffee
Step 4: Place filter on top of coffee cup. Pour hot water until 1/4 full. Wait 20 seconds (look at clock) If all the water flows through you need to tighten the filter more.