Hervie Haufler, WWII Ultra codebreaker

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In Codebreakers’ Victory, veteran World War II cryptographer Hervie Haufler details how American and British codebreakers were the decisive factor in the Allied victory. He brings us an insider's view of this “secret war”—from the Purple Machine to the breaking of Japan’s JN-25 naval code—in an accessible account based on years of research, exclusive access to previously top secret files and archives, and interviews with specialists, survivors, and cryptoanalysts from nearly every country that fought in the war.

Codebreakers' Victory, book coverCover, CODEBREAKERS' VICTORY, New American Library, Military History, www.penguin.com,
1st Printing November 2003.

Haufler takes us inside the shadowy world of decoding units, such as Hut 8 in Bletchley Park, where cryptologists worked around the clock to crack the German Enigma cipher. We see how crucial information, often obtained by surreptitious and violent means, gave Allies the decisive edge in the Battle of Britain, at Midway, and against the U-boats in the North Atlantic—and how Allied intelligence saved the Soviet Union from almost certain defeat. Cryptography enabled Nimitz and MacArthur to persevere in the Pacific, and helped Eisenhower and Patton mount the European assaults. And by deciphering the complex codes used by Rommel and the panzer divisions in Africa, Allied forces were able to use German information and tactics against them. In compelling detail, Haufler shows us how it was done—as only one who was on the front lines of the cryptographic war can.

Hervie Haufler is a World War II veteran cryptographer who participated in both British and American codebreaking task forces.