Ron Woodbury's pulications of "Downside Up"

Sarah Woodbury, indie author

Table of Contents

IV.3 Sierra Club Members, Special Notice
IV.4 missing: Religion, Part I—The two primary religions develop and grow culture wars
IV.5 Religion, Part II—Four other ideologies interact with religions to affect our politics
IV.6 missing
IV.7 Religion, Part III—Views on civil liberties, the environment & foreign policy
IV.8 Electoral Crisis—2000 and 2004
IV.9 The American System of Elections
IV.10 History, Politics and the Art of Lying
IV. Church-Can We All Get Along, June 20, 2004
IV. Church-11:00 Scriptures, June 20, 2004
V.1 The 2004 Presidential Election
V.2 It's Time to Write a Progressive Platform
V.3 Gag Me with a Spoon: Terri Schiavo and the Nadir of Public Morality
V.4 Capitalism, Justice, and the Role of Government in a Progressive Agenda
V.5 A Progressive Platform: Reader Responses
V.6 Of Flag, Faith, and Comunity: What To Do When You're at Odds?
V.7 America's Stories: Do We Democrats Really Believe Them?
V.8 Katrina and the President: A Failure of Intellect and Morality
V.9 Speaking Truth to Ourselves
V.10 Roe v. Wade: The Decision That Never Was
VI.1 Abortion Finding Common Ground
VI.2 Free Markets, Mexico, and a Vision of Ourselves
VI.3 Invasion of Iraq: As the Tide of truth Rolled In, The Bushies Rushed to War
VI.4 Higher Education, Class & Politics: Struggling with the Past, Choosing Demoracy
VI.5 Immigration Part I: Race, Religion, Restrictions, and Reform
VI.6 Immigration Part II-Globallization: Cause, Consequences, and Cure
VI.7 ADHD, Testing, and the Dumbing Down of American Public Schools
VI.8 Elections 2006: The Wedge Issues
VI.9 Elections 2006: Is the System Democratic? Will the Elections Be Fair?
VII.1 U.S. Trade and Budget Deficits: You Really Can Understand—and Should Care
VIII.1 Making Government What It Can Be
VIII.2 Obama: Stay Your Course in Iraq; It's a Trap
VIII.3 Obama Still the Man
VIII.4 Fannie Mae and the "Liberal Establishment" I Know
VIII.5 Longing for a Just and Compassionate World
VIII.6 Election 2008
VIII.7 The Woodbury Plan & Other Advice for Obama
IX.1 A Vision for Obama
IX.2 Israel Has Lost Its Soul
IX.3 In a Political Time Warp:Observations on Obama & Politics three Months Out
IX.4 Systematic Change in Health Care: Failed Opportunity or Impossible Dream?
IX.5 Surprised by Joy: Finding a New Church and a New Experience
IX.6 It's Not Just About Race
IX.7 Corruption & Flawed Democracy: The Making of Perverse Government
IX.8 Christmas, Public Prayers, and Gay Marriage Under Church and State
X.1 Lost: Our Generosity of Spirit
X.2 East Oregonian—Super Bowl looks like religion
X. Good Journalism Requires Fairness and Accountability
X. EO: Boy Scouts & Catholic Church not reporting abuse doubles the crimes
XI. Egypt, too, May Blow Up in Our Face
XI East Oregonian Taxing the rich is conservative economics
XI East Oregonian Pendleton 1910: Dynamic, diverse and divided
XI Canada & My Father: Defying the Politics of Greed & Selfishness
XI Imagine if We Taught What History Is Really About
XI U.S. Reaps Benefits of Immigration Morass It Caused
XI Switching to Fluorescent Lights Is Doing the Right Thing
XI Obamacare's Individual Mandate Establishes Principle of Universality
XI Pentagon Pork Barrel Metastasizes into Class Warfare
XI Abolition of Fee-based Practices is Key to Health Care Reform